HoffmanWeb Solutions & Marketing offers website design / developmentHere at HoffmanWeb/ Solutions & Marketing, when we build your website, we focus on a balance of function and design.  Our experience bears out the various studies showing that today’s website users want high function – a website that is not just user-friendly but one that is user-centric, allowing the user to find what they need quickly.  This is only possible if the website has a consistent, well-organized navigation (menu) system.

When our team develops your website, we work closely with you to learn your business and your industry.  We research your online competitors. Together with you, we establish project goals and create the design/development plan; and we follow that plan as we complete your website, keeping you informed throughout the process to the time the website is launched.

We routinely involve our Web marketing professionals in the planning and development process.  The result is a website that is optimized for search engine ranking from the inside out, built around the most relevant keywords and search phrases to give your website a head start at the time of launch. 

We believe that a website is always a work in progress.  So our designs and layouts provide the foundation for change.  We utilize the state-of-the-art, database-driven Content Management platform, allowing for ease of use and smooth editing for the life of the website.

When your website has been launched, we will continue to be available to support our work.  In fact, if you decide that you have neither the time nor the staff to maintain your website, we can often handle the ongoing website management service for you. 

We are a full-service web presence provider, meaning we will provide website hosting and even domain name hosting unless you decide to seek those services elsewhere.  Moreover, we can also provide the various Web Marketing services needed to make your website an effective tool in your business.



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